Cod fishing and Bottom Trawling – destructive fishing methods

We’re here to witness and photograph fishing boats moving into these waters and to advance a discussion about limits. As the Arctic is warming, fish like cod and many others are moving north. Factory-sized trawlers are coming for them in areas they hadn’t fished before. They drag huge bag-shaped nets along the seafloor, plowing through, catching what’s in their path, their nets crushing delicate corals and many soft-bodied creatures that live on and in the seabed and that provide shelter for young fishes and food for the fish, including the cod, that humans like to eat.

These are the big, big trawlers like the ones that helped demolish the cod of New England and the Grand Banks in the 1970s. Those fish populations have never recovered.

The Truth About Bottom Trawling from Greenpeace USA on Vimeo.

Source: NatGeo Voices

Where Cod can be found. (Source:
Not anywhere near Singapore.


Why should people from far away care? Because we’re not really far away and we’re all involved in the changes here. What people in the world’s great cities do is causing the changes to climate, ice, sea acidity, and the shifting ranges of the fishes. What people far away choose to eat determines the intensity of the fishing here.

Its not about abstaining from cod, but about promoting sustainble fishing practices – bottom trawling is not one of them.

So that we can continue to enjoy codfish…

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