Rural Cambodian villagers defiant in face of looming hydropower flood

From the government’s perspective: hydropower will aid the country economically and elevate the standard of living of the people. Rural people will also be compensated and relocated to new, better residences with access to school, electricity and a market.

From villager’s perspective: as my old village is flooded to make way for the HEP plant, my old way of life also disappears. Unlike the past where the river can provide for my every need (especially food) for free, I now need to work to have enough money to pay for the basic needs I use to get so easily from the river.

Who’s right?

According to the article, proper negotiation with all parties are very important. While there is likely no way to avoid the building of the dam/HEP plant, the locals affected could have been consulted more to understand their concerns especially with regard to relocation.

Such consultation with locals is equally important with NGOs and disaster relief work.



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